Mystery Skype – Our Global Classroom

Welcome to the preparation page for our Mystery Skype session. We will be talking live to other students across the world and you will  learn about the places they live and locate these on maps.

You can click on any of the forms to PRINT.
*dial up page 2

Your to do list…  Your teacher will work through the stages with you.


These are some examples questions other students have used.
We will use them as a guide.

3. sample questions

Use the form below to come up with ideas for your Questions.

Working out q sheet

These are the roles we use for our Mystery Skype…

Each role has 2 or 3 people.
The cards with your roles and a short description will be handed out on the day and attached to a lanyard for you to wear.

* class mystery skype roles

It is important to remember how to act when we are using Skype.

2. Skype manners

When our Mystery Skype is over, you will receive and complete the following certificate to add to your Geography Journals.

our global classroom cert


Places we connect with… "2C Where will we go?"

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