Follow the steps to complete your tasks.

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These are the digital LINKS you will need to complete Tasks: 

Google Maps             Google Earth                   Kidspiration

Resources Google Maps1422902894gearth 01 Kidspiration Introduction

OnlineLibrary        Are We There Yet          Google Search Engine

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  1. Develop a mind-map using Kidspiration (above) showing places you are connected to.
  2. Print and Complete the sheet ‘We Give Meaning To Places’ add to your Geographical Journal
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    we give meaning

  3. Use the question starter grid and the example questions to help develop your own Geographical questions:
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Screenshot 2017-09-22 20.43.45

Good copy for Questions. Print, Complete and add to your Geographical Journals.

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4. Conduct your interview. Print and complete. Add to Geography Journal. Don’t forget to ask your ‘camera man’ to record your interview using an iPad. Send this to your teacher via email. Teacher email is stored on your device.
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Conducting my intereview

5. Complete the class on-line table  with information from your interview.
Don’t forget to SAVE your information please.
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6.  Locate the place identified in your interview using Google Maps.You may use a digital copy or a printed version. After marking your map, (on-line) print a copy and add to your Geography Journal. Draw a line from where we live, Brisbane, to the place you have located.


*The link to Google Maps is at the top of this page.
Resources Google Maps

Write a story describing your favourite place and draw a picture of you in that location.
Use the worksheet below.  Print, complete and add to your Geographical Journals.
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My story

Your Oral presentation: You will present your story and use Google Earth on the smartboard, to show the location of your special place and the distance from your home.
The teacher will assist you with setting up.


FRIDAY afternoon we will watch our very own movie, 2C…Where will we Go?
The movie features all of the 2C stars in the recorded interviews. 







Places we connect with… "2C Where will we go?"